G90 new_product

Endura G90 Topcoat is a VOC compliant formula.


G90 Topcoat is a two component hpolyurethane coating for protecting a wide range of surfaces. G90 is suitable for protecting most substrates, including steel, aluminum and fiberglass.

- Good gloss and color retention
- Resistant to chemicals, abrasion & impact
- Color matching service available (solid colors only)
- VOC Compliant

Product Overview
Part Numbers
Component A - Varies - Component B - FUB0502
Service Conditions
Medium Duty Topcoat
Recommended DFT
1.5-2.5 mils DFT
Volume Solids (%)
Volume: 58 ± 2%
Recommended Sector
Oilfield, Aviation, Marine, Fleet, Automotive, OEM, Architectural
<340 grams/liter (<3.5 lbs/gal)
Most colors can be formulated below 250 grams/liter (2.1 lbs/gal)

Additional Product Information

G90 Low VOC Technical Data Sheet

SDS Component A (Basic Colors)

  • Red 150      Red 150      [CLRG14917]
  • Black 160  Black 160    [CLRG14808]