EP HiBuild Primer

Endura EP HiBuild Primer is a VOC compliant formula..


Endura EP HiBuild epoxy primer designed as a multi-mil coating for use on bare metals and fibreglass reinforced plastics. It can be used over properly sealed existing finishes. It can be employed as a self-prime coating or topcoated with Endura EX-2C Low VOC coatings. Proven for heavy industrial applications such as offshore drilling rigs, ships, chemical plants, pulp mills,
refineries and bridge work. This primer is waterproof at 10 mils Dry Film Thickness.

- High Solids provide a quick film build
- Excellent alkali and salt spray resistance
- Available in white, grey and black

Product Overview
Part Numbers
Component A - Varies by color - Component B - FEB0275 (4:1)
Service Conditions
Heavy Duty Primer
Recommended DFT
4-6 mils DFT
Volume Solids (%)
Recommended Sector
Oilfield, Marine, OEM, Fleet
223 grams/liter (1.86 lbs/gal)

cans Additional Product Information EP HiBuild Technical Data Sheet
SDS Components A
Standard Grey [FEA0274
Standard Black [FEA0273]
• Standard White
SDS Components B [FEB0275]
Quickstart Application Guide