Coating Solutions

Our state of the art lab allows for paint systems to be adjusted and reformulated to our customers specifications. Polyglass paint specialists work closely with customers to identify their needs and create a paint sytem to match. Our most popular system, the ENDURA Speed System - is designed to provide a high quality coating that can be sprayed in one shift.

Solutions for the oil industry To meet the extreme operating conditions in the oilfield, coatings must offer exceptional protection and durability. Endura produces industrial coatings using the highest quality raw materials and our coatings achieve outstanding performance in aggressive, corrosive, and abrasive environments. They are relied upon to be easy-maintenance, retaining gloss and color even with exposure to severe industrial conditions.
OEM SolutionsManufacturers of machinery, equipment, tools, and implements apply Endura Coatings for aesthetic as well as protective properties.
Our primers and topcoats are durable, high performance coatings noted for: high gloss, color retention, and outstanding resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and impact. The Endura 1:1 Polyurethane Topcoats (EX-2C Colors and EX-2C Clears) have superior ultraviolet resistance and gloss retantion. They are proven to be easy-maintenance, retaining gloss and color even with exposure to severe industrial cleaning methods.
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Trucking, Automotive and Fleet SolutionsEndura has been providing finishes for fleet and automotive customers for over 35 years. Endura Coating Systems provide excellent long-term service, consistently out-performing competitors.
One, two, and three-coat systems meet and exceed the maintenance and cosmetic requirements for fleet vehicles. Our product lines are used extensively on service vehicles for the petroleum industry, utility service companies, transportation, and construction companies.
Architectural and Flooring solutionsEndura offers coatings for interior and exterior architectural applications, addressing both the aesthetic and performance requirements for residential and commercial/public space.
Endura's protective coatings are used for a variety of flooring materials including hardwood, rubber, PVC, vinyl, concrete, and ceramic tile.

Marine applicationsEndura has developed products for both fresh and saltwater environments. Endura Coating Systems provide protection for marine equipment ranging from personal watercraft to sailboats to commercial fishing vessels.
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Aviation solutionsProducts developed by Endura provide the protection and durability required by the aviation industry. From coating systems for privately manufactured single-engine airplanes to commercial airlines, this industry's diverse needs are met. Endura Paint has designed coating systems for: aluminum, fiberglass, and fabric aircraft.
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